September 18, 2020

Dieting Nutrition Tips For Women

I put some dieting nutrition tips out here to help you out in your attempt to shed some pounds. I will not give you unreachable goals here either. I could lay out a fantastic diet that maybe you will not use, but that is pointless. I’m going to hand you simple information that you can use and start applying today.

Better Dieting Tips for Women

1. Start with a 12 ounce protein shake with every meal.

Pretty basic hey? If you think no way, then I strongly suggest you take shaker bottles and pre-fill with 1/2 scoop of protein powder and 12 ounces of water. Take 1-2 of them with you. They’re small and easy to transport. Then when you are ready for a meal, grab one of the bottles, shake it up, and have it with your meal.

Why do you want to do this? Think about this, you’re entire body is made up of protein. It absolutely needs it. Protein cranks up the metabolism and acts as an appetite depressant too. This is a simple no thought process. You can buy a 2 pound container of good protein powder in most stores for about $15. This should last you almost 3 weeks if you use it as laid out above.

2. Consume a lot of yogurts

I’ll go back to and retail or grocery store on this one. At roughly 35 cents a container, you can pile up with 80 calorie yogurts. This makes a great snack and is convenient as well. You minimize calories and fill up as well. Heck, go crazy. Consume 3 a day if you want. So what. What is that, a “ASTRONOMICAL” 240 calories. It amounts to nothing. But this holds you over in between your regular meals.

These 2 simple dieting nutrition tips for women you can start using right away… today.

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